Cape Country
cooking and hospitality
at its grandest
High up the valley under our majestic oaks
Sumptuous, classic Cape service
Home of memorable and lasting occasions
Cape Country
cooking and hospitality
at its grandest
High up the valley under our majestic oaks
Sumptuous, classic Cape service
Home of memorable and lasting occasions

Welcome to Oakhurst BarnA mix of traditional and modern cuisine

Located on one of the original Hout Bay farms, the Quentin at Oakhurst restaurant and cellar follows in the footsteps of generations of family food farming and cooking traditions. Located in the upper regions of the valley, juxtaposed by two rivers, sourced on rich flood plain soils, and dwarfed by the Skoorsteenspoort escarpment, this farm sustained and nurtured the valley’s residents with a bounty of meats, fowls, dairy, wine and vegetables for over a hundred years.

Summer A La Carte MenuFrom Tuesday night, Saturday lunch


  • Six deep-water grilled Atlantic oysters
    with truffle infused cream, parmesan cheese, crispy sage leaves and a splash of M.C.C.
  • Horizontally cut roasted beef marrow bones
    with a rosemary, garlic, sun-dried tomato and anchovy crumble
  • Woodland salad
    with honeyed sweet potato, chestnuts, truffle, forest fungi and pomegranate seeds. Dressed with a blueberry vinaigrette
  • Saldanha Bay mussels
    with white wine, parsley, cream and garlic
  • Smoked hand-cut ostrich carpaccio
    with a sultana, Cape gooseberry, Orange River date, pumpkin & coriander seed sambal
  • Marinated bell peppers and courgettes
    dotted with Oakhurst valley olives, shredded rocket and lemon pesto, thyme leaves, extra virgin olive oil and milled pepper
  • Grilled green asparagus, pear, walnuts, Karoo-ash goats cheese and poached quail eggs
    Served with a béarnaise sauce and an apple cider vinegar spritz
  • Red and green salad bowl
    with a white wine and raspberry vinaigrette

Main Courses

  • Roast loin of Kingklip
    with sage leaves, olives, thyme, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Served with sautéed spinach, roasted plum tomatoes and mashed, basil-infused green peas
  • Char-grilled ‘Bistro’ beef fillet steak
    hand-cut potato chips, young green beans and chef Quentin’s green peppercorn sauce
  • Hout Bay seafood stew
    with a lobster and tomato soup, mussels, baby squid and line fish. Served with aioli and rouille toasts
  • Wood-oven, crispy roast duck
    with cinnamon caramelised sweet potato wedges, dirty banana, spinach and coriander sauté and a tamarind, clove and naartjie jus
  • Seared loin of free-range Karoo Springbok
    Served with young roasted carrots, red onions and a sour fig and Cape buchu brandy jus
  • Slow-simmered Guineafowl on the bone
    with braised shallots, stewed apple, sultanas and blackberries. Served with a Cape Hanepoot, black rice and mushroom pilaf
  • Mozambican whole prawn curry
    with coconut cream, cashew nuts, basmati rice, lime and coriander. Served with a pineapple sambal and mango atchar
  • Grilled cauliflower and chick peas
    with a mildly curried, red lentil, mustard seed, fenugreek, spinach, tomato and date sauté


  • Pink rose, pistachio, apricot, date, pomegranate, fig and toasted sesame frozen nougat
    Served with candied fennel seeds
  • Amarula pannacotta
    with toasted macadamia nuts and a velvet berry coulis
  • Seventy percent cocoa content, dark Lindt chocolate mousse ganache cake
    Served with a hazelnut praline and burnt orange rind ice cream
  • Pear and almond tart
    with a saffron and honeycomb ice cream
  • Frozen Rooibos-infused honey parfait
    on a cardamom shortbread biscuit, served with poached Cape stone fruits in a fragrant Malagasy syrup
  • Traditional Cape Malay Quarter sweetmeats
  • Honeybush and Buchu sorbet
  • Homemade ice creams
    (Per scoop)
  • Artisinal Cape cheese platter
    with toasts, nuts and fruits (Serves two)

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