The RestaurantAmbience

Oakhurst Barn is run hands-on with Quentin firmly footed behind the range and in the roastery.  He is ably supported by his charming and gregarious partner Melanie who will assure all our guests a homely and sincere patronage.

During the day and particularly over the summer months, one is drawn by the enchantment of our cool north-facing patio and crunchy terrace.  One can meet for a late breakfast, pop in after your school run with the kids, or while away the afternoon over a late lunch all the while shaded by our ancient and magnificent Oak trees which so aptly lend their name to this endearing and historic homestead estate.

Our unparalleled, exclusive and secure front door parking allows for a convenient and safe arrival.  Where, for dinner one can enjoy hors d’ oeuvres and a cocktail in either our private bar or in our sumptuous comfortable lounge.  That is if you are not immediately spellbound by the soft fluttering of light glittering off an array of stupendous chandeliers.

Defined by an awesome sense of space one finds an uncluttered setting of over-sized dining tables, white linen, head high giant candelabras, and comfortable oak chairs in our dining hall.

Our superior accoutrements stand in anticipated testament to what will be a superb dinner.  After which you may retire to our lounge or bar and share anecdotal conversation with very like minded people over a night cap.

Superlative food and hospitality reminiscent of a bygone Colonial era of refinement await…..

The Chef

This highly accomplished chef started his professional career in the hotel business in 1985.

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Gone are the days when we hankered in anticipation at the first seasonal harvest of our favourites.

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Over-sized dining tables, white linen, head high giant candelabras, and comfortable oak chairs in our dining hall.

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The Offering

The food offering consists of three themes under the umbrella contemporary Cape country cooking.

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