In recent times, we have been so overwhelmed with the consistent commercial supply of food and its ever present availability that in a sense we have lost our respect and awe – and indeed joy for the deliverance of our seasonal bounty.

Gone are the days when we hankered in anticipation at the first seasonal harvest of our favourites.  The humility and splendour that embraced us on receiving the blessing of the earth’s bounty and providence are but a thing of the past.

Our ethos is inspired and indeed resonates within these sentiments towards the foods we source, prepare and cook.  And so we are privileged to be bound to the endearing and rich legacy of food farming which is omnipresent on the Oakhurst estate.  The barn being the cradle and crucible of this proud Hout Bay estate’s terroir.

We will endeavour to procure where possible sustainably grown and harvested ingredients, sourced from the closest suppliers – taking into account the quality thereof.  Not only will we honour the soil but the Oakhurst barn’s proximity to the sea and Hout Bay’s fine fishing harbour will be heartily embraced with a consistent offering of fresh SASSI green listed fishes as and when they migrate past our shores.

Our most important resource is our family team.  Quentin holds a firm view that “it’s all about the people” when pursuant to standards of excellence.  Bringing to the fore and cultivating passion with skill development is the heart of any success story.  Furthermore the staff are paid well above minimum wages, whilst operating strictly and transparently within the regulations pertaining to labour, and ultimately recognizing and appreciating inpidual efforts daily.

Our commitment to our immediate impact on our environment is extrapolated in our waste management, inter alia separating, recycling and composting.  It is further noteworthy that our rodent management regime is owl and raptor friendly. Where and when service area run off takes place, it is with biodegradable detergent only.

Lastly our community is assured that alcohol is served responsibly and excessive consumption thereof will not be allowed.  Oakhurst Barn will retain the right to refuse serving of alcohol to anyone deemed to be unfit to drink. A number of ‘home drive’ services will also be available.